I have been thinking to broadcast real-time fabrication streaming, such in the way of wood burning or similar slow process gazing. Once I read there has been a broadcast of two of wood burning for hours on national tv of...somewhere in a Scandinavian country. Also pre-recorded movie of burning fireplace is sold in the medium of DVD or even better I remember the cable tv subscription includes such program.

There is some specific quality of gazing ever-changing aspect of fire or waterfall, and watching 3d printing adding up layer by layer has similar quality, in which I believe, could share the core value of meditation, by losing oneself and not thinking about anything(zen).

Recently using Raspberry pi and Octoprint, I set up remote 3d printing and (near) real-time monitoring set via internet so I can print and watch the printer prints from a remote place. Below is live streaming of printing process. It is not always on, so check back sometimes.