Grow report

I have been collecting a few variety of citrus seeds and growing for the past few months. Thry are grown in a controlled environment in a small room with 100w LED lights, temperature control, hydroponics(IKEA VAXER+waterpump) and more. It takes at least 2 or more years for citrus trees to fruit so it will be a long wait but it is possible to germinate and grow citrus from seeds, which it is often told impossible.

LED lights are connected to a mechanical timer, running  from 6:30am to 9:30pm so around 15 hours of simulated full sun. I am currently using a 6000k white light, not a common pink-blue growing light because 1. I already had them and 2. After a brief research it seems white light gives similar results with the pink-blue growing light. It is easy on human eyes as well.

June 16th 2017, germination(indoor balcony)

Jul/07/2017 (below are the one on the bottom right)